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L’essentiel en 29 mn : The search for extraterrestrial unintelligence

Conférences L'essentiel en 29 mn

jeudi 23 octobre 2014 à 12:10

Conférences et rencontres

Maison de l'étudiant, salle Raymond Queneau

Par Jonathan TENNYSON
Massey Professor of Physics, Fellow of The Royal Society,
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London, UK

We now know that planets that orbit other stars (exoplanets) are very common.
It is natural to ask if any of these planets are inhabited.

In this talk I will argue the chances of detecting an advance civilisation (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) remain small in the foreseeable future but the prospects looking for life in general outside our solar system are good. The talk will discuss how the signature of life can searched for by careful analysis of the light arriving at earth from the exoplanet concerned.

The talk will end with the prospects for performing such experiments in future decades and the need for a dedicated space mission.

Venez nombreux !

Damien Olivier (laboratoire LITIS) et Ioan Schneider (laboratoire LOMC)

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