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Normandy Region

The extraordinary story of Normandy begins with the Viking settlers (‘Norman’ derives from the word ‘Norseman’), and continues with the epic Norman Conquest in 1066 and successful cross-channel operation on 6 June 1944 (D-Day). But Normandy’s story doesn’t end there…

The Norman Conquest would lead to interminable – and ultimately futile – conflict between England and France, culminating in the Hundred Years’ War, much of it fought in Normandy. Its last battle, at Formigny in 1450, was played out only a couple of miles from Omaha Beach. D-Day on 6 June 1944, the three-month Battle of Normandy that ensued and the eventual liberation of Europe would also have a profound effect on history. Discover all of Normandy’s secrets, history, culture, heritage, famous residents, tourist attractions, cuisine and know-how – everything you need to know to fully appreciate our wonderful region!

Source : Normandy Tourism

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