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Commitment and asset

The ULHN has very particular characteristics. Indeed, since its creation, student success has always been at the heart of its concerns. Beyond the course chosen by the student, it is involved in providing a good environment and a personalised pedagogic support. The commitment of the university to ensure the success of the students and to facilitate their professional integration is recognised by the government who identified it as « a model university ».

It is thus a way of helping students throughout their studies: anticipate their transition from secondary education to higher education, guide them throughout their studies with the support of the educational team, and facilitate in the best way their studies in the context of personal development. Some of them will need special support: those who are in their first year, or those who come from abroad and whose admission requires more preparation and more support. This is the spirit, in a way “the DNA”, of the ULHN.

All the departments of the university are very active in complementing this particular teaching project. They are each attentive to the needs and expectations of the students.

The assets of Le Havre are those of a university on a human scale, starting with its quality of life, recognised by everyone and which is favourable to individual development.

It is why the students find a welcoming and friendly atmosphere here, as well as activities for the body and the spirit that are accessible to everyone :

  • SUIO, orientation department, for professional integration, internships
  • The University Library
  • The International Affairs Department
  • The Cultural Department, offering programs of quality and artistic workshops
  • The Sports department with its gym, offering more than forty leisure and competitive activities.
  • The Student life department, which can help you with your administrative procedures and accompanies you in your projects
  • La Maison de l’étudiant, a major place for student and community life with its performance hall, animations and exhibitions…

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