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Université Le Havre Normandie (ULHN) was established in 1984 and it now counts over 8200 students. It is committed to supporting personal and professional development of all its students.

The ULHN is composed of three Training and Research Units –Teaching and Research Unit of Sciences and Technology, Faculty of International Affairs, Teaching and Research Unit of Arts and Humanities – of a University Institute of Technology, an Engineering School, a Higher Institute of Logistic and different departments.

An academic offer towards the success for students

The training focuses on four main thematic areas: Arts, Literatures and Languages; Law, Economics, Management; Humanities and Social Sciences; Sciences, Technology, Health. In order to prepare professional integration of students and to promote their mobility in Europe, it is based on three main guidelines: professionalisation, international openness, multidisciplinary.

Reputed Technical skills

The scientific potential of the University is based on eleven research laboratories, two of which are associated to CNRS and one to INERIS. Research has been articulated around 4 sectors: Human and social studies; chemistry – biology; Mathematics – information technology; Engineering Science. Some works are also carried out around interdisciplinary areas. These research activities nourish and enrich teaching.

A university in harmony with its region

The ULHN was born out of the determination of all the local actors and it was built in harmony with the development of a port city, open to the world, attentive to its socio-economic environment and to public expectations.

In the heart of the city

Université Le Havre Normandie’s main facilities are gathered in the heart of the city. It is situated in an ideal location, only a few minutes away from the railway and bus stations, not far from the city centre and only a few kilometers away from the beach.

A regional development player

Our university has become an important element in the development of the local economy. It strongly contributes to the attractiveness of the city and the region by its undeniable role in raising the level of education of the population, the important number of its collaborators, its capacity to generate new knowledge and its research activity.

Active in The City

Organising international seminars, hosting foreign students, teachers and researchers…The university contributes to building the international image of the city and to the life of the city. It has become an essential partner of all the actors in the region, foremost of which the City of Le Havre, the urban community and the Normandy region.

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