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A few dates

The ULHN celebrated its 30th anniversary in March 1994. Even if the administrative birth certificate dates from August 27th 1984, university education in Le Havre started 17 years before …

The University Institute of Technology with its first department, electrical engineering, was established in 1967 in brand new buildings in Caucriauville. Soon, three other departments followed.

With the emergence of UER [1] – Teaching and Research Unit – Sciences and Technology which was also established in Caucriauville in 1970, the students from Le Havre could then start scientific studies in their home town.

The year 1972 saw the creation of a department of international affairs in the lower part of the town. It is characterized by a multidisciplinary teaching: Law, Economics, Social Sciences, English and a second foreign language.

For another 12 years, The University Institute of Technology, The Teaching and Research Unit and the Department of International Affairs, as wheel as Research which was developing simultaneously, were administratively part of the University of Rouen. These three units would later form the basis of the future Institution.

In August 1984, Le Havre finally had a full function university. This creation came about in response to a strong demand of the local players, -political and socio economic- and to expectations of the population.

Strongly rooted in the region, the new Institution launched a new range of training offer and asserted its specificity : international openness and professionalisation were at the heart of the pedagogical project. Simultaneously, the number of research laboratories increased and the scientific skills were structured around common research themes, in cooperation with the economic actors.

The higher Institute of Logistics (ISEL) was established in 1994. Today, it is still the only School of Engineering in Logistics. Finally, with the creation of the Teaching and Research Unit of Arts and Humanities in 1998, the ULHN is now composed of five units.

Since January 1st 2011, the ULHN is “autonomous”, which means that it has come under the RCE law (extended responsibilities and competences of Universities) in the fields of human and financial resources.

[1With the law Savary in 1984, the name UER changed into UFR, Teaching and Research Unit.

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