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Learning French

French as a foreign language validated by ECTS

French language

Mastery of the oral language in its different registers and improvement of writing skills.

  • Rapid and well-structured acquisition of the French grammar thanks to wide range of diverse exercises at different levels, from simple sentences to the most complex grammatical structures
  • Audio-visual documents and strong focus on spoken language (from business language to colloquial language or slang)
  • Written and oral exercises about everyday life situations (formal and informal situations such as meetings, job interviews, free time activities, business dinners, going out with friends, etc.)

French culture

Introduction to French and francophone culture and society.

  • Overview of French history, geography, economy and politics in order to help students understand French culture, traditions and recent developments of French society
  • Regular use of media (newspaper, TV, etc).
  • Regional and national culture (arts, cinema, gastronomy, etc.)
    Different groups will be created depending on the students’ needs and preferences. Some examples of specialized courses are : Professional French tutorial (writing a resume and cover letter in French, finding an internship in France), scientific French (faculty of Science and Technology).

Online : 04-01-2021 - Update : 07-12-2020

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