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International Network

Our most active networks cover three geographical areas for international cooperation at the ULHN : Asia, French speaking Africa and Europe.

  • Consortium GU8 (Global University 8).
  • SGroup and ELPIS network (European Legal Practice Integrated studies) for Europe.
  • SENGHOR Center of Excellence
  • the ULHN and the University of Strasbourg initiated Complex systems digital campus on a global scale.
  • Senghor and complex systems


The Global U8 (GU8) Consortium is a global network of higher education institutions. It was created in 2004 when globalisation pushed universities to develop their cooperations internationally. Since then, Education has become a global enterprise, and the GU8 has actively worked to building bridges across cultural boundaries and academic disciplines.

Beyond traditional bilateral partnerships, the GU8 consortium uses the strengths and scientific expertise of its members to develop distinctive collaborations in Education and Research. The GU8 activities focus on :

  • Engaging students and staff in international mobility programs.
  • Developing cross-cultural educational curricula
  • Conducting collaborative cutting-edge research
  • Sharing information and administrative best practices.

The GU8 network brings together universitites located in coastal cities and ports, each experiencing similar chalenges for growth and service in their regions. This unique specificity creates dynamic opportunities reflected in the choice of five interdisciplinary focus areas :

  • Global Logistics,
  • Marine and Maritime Affairs,
  • Business Administration,
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Advanced Technologies

All GU8 members strive to advance worldwide knowledge in these areas of common expertise. Together they pursue values of excellence and responsible leadership with specific focus on sustainability. They aim to make a positive impact on their own communities of students, researchers and adminitrative staff and on the communities of their partners.

The GU8 Members

Inha University, Incheon – Republic of Korea
Université Le Havre Normandie, Le Havre - France
University of Haifa, Haifa – Israël
Xiamen University, Xiamen – China
University of Hull, Hull – United Kingdom
University of Fortaleza, Fortaleza – Brasil
University Malaysia Perlis, Perlis - Malaysia
Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg – Germany

SGROUP (former Group of Santander)

It is a European network that brings together about 30 Institutions in 15 countries. The SGroup is a dynamic network with over 25 years experience in university collaboration within Europe and university excellence in education and research and to promote continous adaptation to educational and societal needs in a creative and inovative way. Its mission is based on four core areas of cooperation – internationalisation strategy, academic collaboration, academic mobility and transfer of knowledge.



It is a European network that brings together 32 Institutions in 24 different countries for cooperations and mobilities in the field of Law. The Law department of the Faculty of International Affairs of Université Le Havre Normandie has also initiated a large number of ERASMUS partnerships with universities from the ELPIS network.


Overseas international agreements

Students and acacemic staff exchanges as well as education and research projects can be organised under International agreements signed between Université Le Havre Normandie and partner Universities.

Online : 04-01-2021 - Update : 08-12-2020

Practical information

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