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Exchange program

The International Office manages the incoming mobility in the framework of programs and agreements. International students come from the European Union (Erasmus+), ISEP program with the United States, the BCI program with the Province of Quebec and bilateral agreements with Asia, Latin America and Africa. The exchange programs allow students enrolled in a foreign university to continue their studies at the ULHN for a maximum period of one year according to the terms and conditions provided by the program.

Application process for incoming students

You must be enrolled in a university with which the ULHN has established a partnership involving student exchanges.

You must be selected and nominated by your university. To this end, the International Office of your home university must send the list of nominated students by email to the ULHN

Nominations deadline

Fall semester and full year : 1st April
Spring semester : 15th October
Spontaneous applications are not accepted.

Following your nomination, the International Office of the ULHN will send you an application form and a list of documents to provide :

  • Personal statement to motivate your application & CV
  • Copy of passport
  • Learning Agreement - list the courses you would like to take at the Université Le Havre Normandie and have the document signed by the academic advisor in your home university
  • All your university transcripts
  • Proof of proeficiency in the target language French and/or English (DELF, DALF, TCF for French) or a letter of recommendation from your language teacher.

Reception of application materials deadline

Fall semester and full year : 1st May
Spring semester : 15th November

Once your application has been screened by your study advisor at the ULHN, the International Office will send you and your home university a letter of acceptance. These documents will enable you to undertake the required administrative procedures for your stay in France.

Academic calendar

  • 1st semester (Fall semester) : Beginning of September end of December/mid January, according to the classes
  • 2nd semester (Spring semester) : Mid January end of Mai/end of June

Language requirements

You must have the language level required by the ULHN :

  • Ability to understand readings and compose in the target language. B2 (assessment according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages) or equivalent in the target language at the time of application.
  • Provide a language certificate or a letter certifying the student’s level.

Grading system

Course work assessment is done in two ways: continuous assessment and /or final examination. Students receive grades on a scale of 20 (from 0 to 20). The pass grade is 10.

Online : 04-01-2021 - Update : 08-12-2020

Practical information

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