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95 destinations in 26 countries

Erasmus+ is a programme, financed by the European Commission, with a focus on mobility. It is designed to facilitate student exchanges, study stays and internships in Europe. It also supports staff mobility (academic and administrative members of staff) for teaching and training.

The Faculties and Departments of the ULHN establish partnerships with universities that best match their education programmes and values to promote education and scientific cooperation and create mobility. A bilateral agreement is concluded with partner universities. It precises the mobility flows by level and discipline (ISCED codes) for students and staff.
The International Office manages administrative and financial aspects of mobility under the Erasmus+ programme.

The Erasmus+ programme and mobility for people with disabilities

The Erasmus+ programme gives special attention to the reception, guidance and pedagogical and technical support of people with disabilities as well as all the extra costs related to their mobility. It is necessary to make sure that everyone fully enjoys his/her european mobility expirience.
In addition to the Erasmus+ grant, an extra fund is addressed to the specific needs of people wih disabilities to help them during their mobility. The costs eligible for extra financing are various : special housing, assistance of a guide during the journey, medical care, material support, home support or help of a home carer.
You can ask the international office of Université Le Havre Normandie for the application form for this extra fund.

The Student Exchange programme (PÉÉ) of BCI

In order to encourage relations between different peoples and cultures, Higher Education Institutions of Quebec have established a Student Exchange Programme (PÉÉ) with Higher Education Institutions outside Canada as France.
There are 10 partner universities in Quebec :
Ecole polytechnique de Montréal, Universities of Laval, Montréal, Sherbrooke, University of Québec - campus in Montréal (UQAM), Trois Rivières (UQTR), Rimouski (UQAR), Tebiscibi-Amistaminque, Outaouais (UQO) and Bishop’s University. The courses are taught in French in all universities except in Bishop’s University.

ISEP programme

ISEP programme (International Student Exchange Programme) enables mobilities between students from any study area to study in most of the countries around the world for a semester. The ULHN has been a member of this network since 1990. Even if all geographical zones are concerned by this programme, we mostly focus on the United States.

Asia Exchange

Asia Exchange was founded in 2007 in Finland by two former exchange students. Inspired by their own experiences, they wanted to help other students to study in Asia. Asia exchange completes the mobility programmes offered by the ULHN for a study stay in Asia.

Asia exchange offers a simplified application process to study in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Viet Nam, and the Republic of Korea. A list of all partner universities of the program is available on the website :

Students selected by the ULHN apply via the Asia exchange website. Once accepted, they benefit from the personalised support of an Asia Exchange referent who acts as an intermediary between themselves and their host university (choice of courses and travel to destination).

The students of the ULHN who participate in this program are considered as exchange students.

To participate in this program, the student has to pay approximately 1 890 euros per semester to Asia Exchange. Transportation, visa, insurance and subsistence costs are not included in this amount.

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