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Generalities for all mobility programmes

The Erasmus programme allows students to study abroad for one semester or a full year in a partner university of the ULHN ; it is called outgoing mobility. The aim is to transfer the credits gained in the university abroad and to validate the mobility on the principle of academic recognition.

The mobility scheme of each faculty gives information about the possible mobilities for students. According to your academic area, the possibilities to go abroad to study are different. An internship can be required after a study period.

  • The international office helps the students in their projects of mobility, with the international relations referents of the different faculties and in relation to the academic staff .

Here are the different steps of the mobility projects :

  • Information meetings on the mobility programmes as early as October ; Festival Europe et international, Erasmusdays, specific workshops on the different programmes
  • Application of candidates
  • Selection of candidates
    The international relations referent is in charge of coordinating the assignement and the selection of candidates.

The selection process is as follows :

  • The applications are examined
  • The professor responsible of your study gives his approbation for the student to be accepted in the course of the following year and to study abroad
  • Selection of candidates according to the number of places available and to the selection criteria
  • Assignment of students
  • The international office or the international relations referents nominate the students who have been selected by the partner universities
  • The students receive the application process of the universities abroad and must fill in their application file. Most universities have an online application process as the ULHN in 2021/2022.
  • The international office organises a meeting of preparation for departure : students receive an outgoing mobility guide explaining all the formalities which must be completed before departure, while abroad and after their study abroad as well as a grant application file.
  • The students deal with the final formalities : accommodation booking, transport reservation, visa, repatriation insurance and health insurance, application to ULHN.

Mobility grants

Supporting the mobility is listed as one of the priorities in the international strategy of the ULHN. All the students who spend a study period abroad as part of an exchange programme or an international cooperation agreement can receive a financial support. Granting a financial support depends on an application at the ULHN.

The international office deals with three grant schemes :

AMI : Aide à la mobilité internationale (international mobility support) from the Ministère de la Recherche, de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de l’Innovation. The ULHN gives these grants for a study mobility. This scheme is only for students already receiving a grant based on social criteria given by the CROUS.

The Erasmus+ program allows a grant to students of all nationalities for outgoing mobilities for a study period or an intersnship in a company.

UMOB : The ULHN mobility grant - (for studies)
In addition to the schemes listed above, the ULHN set up its own mobility grant. It is a grant for all students going aborad to study.
The allocation of grants AMI and UMOB are decided by the grant commission at ULHN.

Other grant schemes :

The region Normandie set’s up a scheme called PASS MONDE to support students who do a mobility abroad to study or for an internship .
To benefit from this grant, students must live (tax household) in Normandie and they must have a « quotient familial » (income tax reference / number of shares) inferior to 30000 €. Students must apply online before their departure on https://passmonde.normandie.fr/
Students whose tax household is outside Normandie must get information from their region to know the existing mobility grant schemes.
You can combine these grants with the grants on social criteria from the Crous which are maintained during the mobility.

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