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Towards an HRS4R label for the university

On 19 October 2021, ULHN sent an endorsement letter to the European Commission to implement the HRS4R approach, i.e. the human resources (HR) strategy for researchers, with the aim of obtaining the "HR excellence in research" label.

What is the "HR excellence in research" label?

The "HR Excellence in Research" label awarded by the European Commission recognises institutions that have signed the "European Charter for Researchers" and the "Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers". These texts, issued by the European Commission, set out 40 points in four areas that will eventually make it possible to build a more attractive and harmonious European Research Area in terms of recruitment, ethics, working conditions and training. The label is a marker of excellence that enables institutions to maintain their place in the race for European funding. For example, it guarantees
 its compliance with the obligation for Horizon Europe funding (Article 32 Amended model grant agreement)
 a priority for institutions that have obtained the label in the event of a tie in a European call for projects.

Why take this step?

Obtaining the label is linked to the implementation of the HRS4R (Human Resource Strategy for Researchers) approach, which allows us to take stock of our practices in terms of ethical and professional aspects, recruitment, working conditions and social security and training, for all researchers, regardless of their experience and degree of autonomy (R1 to R4 according to the European nomenclature)
It is, therefore, a constructive introspection that is undertaken, to the benefit of the scientific community.

To summarise:
Firstly for the scientific community:
 Continuous improvement of our practices in the field of human resources related to research and more particularly the working environment of researchers
 Recognised participation in a policy of HR excellence in the field of research.
 Guaranteed access to all funding from European calls for projects
For the institution in a broader sense :
 Contribution to our international influence and strengthening of our attractiveness: internationalisation of research in particular,
 Strengthening of our attractiveness by becoming a recognised player in the new European research area that is being created.
 Harmonisation of HR procedures, for example in recruitment to encourage the arrival of foreign talents.

How is the approach being implemented at ULHN?

The HRS4R approach is set in 3 phases.

1. During the first phase, known as the « commitment phase » which is devoted to the operational implementation of the approach: mode of governance, retro planning of actions, design of the survey. During the second phase, the scientific community will be solicited through a major survey, by means of a questionnaire and a series of interviews.
This wide-ranging consultation will enable us to construct a self-assessment of our practices, guiding the development of a short, medium and long-term action plan. This action plan will be monitored using indicators to measure our room for action (progress and points of vigilance) and, ultimately, to enable us to achieve the objectives set in the action plan.
After this first year dedicated to the self-assessment of our practices and the co-construction of a specific action plan, obtaining the HRS4R label will mark a new phase in the process.

2. The second phase, known as the implementation of the action plan and its related strategy, will take place over an initial period of 24 months, at the end of which an interim evaluation will be produced. The second stage is linked to the implementation of the revised plan over a period of 36 months.

3. The third phase is called "renewal" following the European Commission’s site visit.

Online : 26-10-2021 - Update : 26-10-2021

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